Here are some web sites that may come in handy as you begin to look for a home or prepare to sell your home. There are many other sites out there that may help too!

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For buyers, search for permits on homes to see what’s been done to the home over the years. This doesn’t always tell the whole story, as homeowners may have done modifications or updates without a permit, but it’s a good starting point.

Find out what the current property taxes are on a home you’re contemplating buying.

Does your home have a radon mitigation system installed? Some areas produce higher radon levels than others, so sometimes they are not needed. Radon tests are always recommended when doing a home inspection.

Did you know that some areas in Colorado Springs are prone to landslides or are built over abandoned mines? Do your research when buying, and disclose to your buyers when selling. When a buyer discovers high insurance rates or prior damage to the home, it can throw a wrench into the transaction real fast.

Although the town may seem to be somewhat hilly, we still have areas that are considered flood zones. If a home lies in a flood zone, additional flood insurance will likely be required.

OK, you’ve done some research and have grown parched. Check out one of the many local breweries!

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.

– Plato