Useful Links

Whether or not you're familiar with Colorado Springs and El Paso County, you might find some of this links helpful when buying or selling your home.

School Information
Colorado Springs Zip Code Map
El Paso County Permit Search
Colorado Springs Mines and Landslides

Public Schools and Districts

El Paso County has 15 school districts and around 220 public schools.  We can't answer subjective questions like "What's the best school district in Colorado Springs?" or "What's the best school in Colorado Springs?," but you can find a lot of information online to find out what school best meets your child's needs.  Here are a few sites:

Colorado Springs Zip Code Map

City-data has an interactive zip code map.  If you're curious what part of town a house you're looking at online is, this can be helpful:

Permit Search

Looking at an older house and curious what updates have been done?  Pikes Peak Regional Building Department has great information.  Their online info is sometimes not up to date, so give them a visit if you have specific questions on a home.

Mines and Landslides

Did you know there are areas of town that are known for geological hazards?  I don't know how up to date this site is, so be sure to do your due diligence to find out if the home you're looking at is at risk.  Your insurance company may be able to give further information on a specific home.